ICO getting on diversification: is Bitcoin follow a possibility?

ICO getting on diversification: is Bitcoin follow a possibility?

Bitcoin has made by today huge raids in the trading world, and now even beginners and the most mainstream audience are starting to understand how big will be the future success of blockchain technology. Some of them are also realizing this change will radically transform entire industries in no time. Bitcoin is one of the most secure form of digital money as affirm OptionMag, but there are also a lot of potential investors who are sitting on the sidelines waiting for some new developments concerning the crypto currencies’ volatility. This kind of investments are mostly taken by age 60 people or even older, so a strong prejudice is rising among public opinion. The stronger voices say that in financial world wealth preservation and stable returns are a must, so steep upswings or downswings must be avoided.

You Need This More Than Me

This year Bitcoin value has reached $1000 and it now trades for more than $9500.

In early 2010, Bitcoin traded for pennies on the dollar. This historic rise makes this crypto currency a very legit investment, but concern for its volatility still remains, and diversification can dissipate it. One startup is trying to consolidate the top six cryptos into a single index fund type token named Aggregation Coin (AGRE). With this move investment capital is allocated towards Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. that includes most of the $250 billion in cryptocurrencies market capitalization. Their initial coin offering (ICO) has been launched on December 1st.

The basic concept is to invest in a segment of the crypto market using more cryptocurrencies than just one (the top 6 coins). The environment becomes bullish, and element of wealth preservation rise because losses from any single coin can be absorbed by gains from the other ones. The same group, aware of this move’s popularity, is launching a second ICO, always on December 1st, but this times it focuses on 130 coins, 130 tokens and various ICOs. UP1K (the name of the ICO), takes together small coins with a lower value into one centralized portfolio. This strategy removes the need to research each coin and shortens the time spent by investors.

The Bitcoin market up today approaches $140 billion, and its’ pretty safe to say that the digital cash has overcome immense resistance so far with skepticism from academia to Wall Street itself. But other popular coins such as Ethereum, Dash etc. are also rising quickly. It’s still true that many investors have lost faith in the economic system after the 2008 Financial Crisis, but the crypto industry is showing a capitalization of over $250 billion and is collecting investor’s willingness to seek alternative investments that can preserve and create their wealth.

Since BTC’s rise, thousands of other minor coins emerged and are still competing for attention. With so many tokens sprouting up it can be difficult to predict what will happen in the future though, but it still seems a way more better situation than 2008’s!

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